Image by Naomi Woddis
Image by Naomi Woddis

Writing was my first love and I still do it as much as possible.

I write creatively myself and use journalling tools with my clients extensively and in a sector full of questions about purpose, approach, racism, sexism and abuse, I write and speak about viable alternatives specific to the international development and change making sectors. I share writing about this with my email list on a regular basis.

Below are a list of various places that you can read my recent (and less recent) writing. Some of it is published in my previous name, Mary Ann Mhina.

Below is a list of some place that you can read my writing:

I am also currently working on some writing about my work and Healing Solidarity, Co-authoring a book about Community-led Inclusive Red Tent Spaces for women with Aisha Hannibal and Guest Editing a forthcoming edition of the Gender and Development Journal about Re-imagining International Development which builds on the Healing Solidarity conference which I organised in 2018.

Writing is also one of the ways I practice my commitment to breaking the silence about things we find difficult to talk about. This for me is part of my commitment to healing solidarity and breaking down a culture in which we keep our own experiences silent in our work. One way I have practiced this is on social media in relation to the miscarriages I have experienced and some of my writing about miscarriage will be included in a forthcoming book.

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