Transformational leadership for a just tomorrow


Change is our birthright: Justice & Care are a daily choice

I work with committed & transformational leaders to help them lead change that moves towards justice, without exploiting themselves

I offer both indiviudual and group coaching that supports leaders of all kinds to be transformative in a way that promotes justice and embodies care, so that you can lead boldly without burning out

I love working online because it means I can work with people wherever they are in the world and I am also really excited to also be offering in-person coaching and Shadow Work Coaching (a deeper dive) again in London, UK

Whichever suits you best, let's work together!

Individual online coaching (1)
Group Leading Change in International Development 2023 (1)
Coaching while we walk, London UK (5)
Shadow Work Coaching London or Online (1)

Work with me online from wherever you are in the world to build you practice as a transformational leader. 60 min sessions, in blocks of 3 or 6. Find out more and sign up here:

A group offering for up to 6 leaders working in international development spaces, begins in September 2023 and will run through till December. Find out more:

Coaching while we walk offers an opportunity to have a 90 min coaching session while we walk gently together & connect with nature during the session as a mirror & inspiration for our transformational change work. Accessible options available

A deeper dive on a specific issue or story you are stuck with using Shadow Work tools (do the accreditation thing). In person 3-5 hours or 3 sessions online over 3 weeks. Find out more and sign up here:


I'm Mary Ann, one name, no hyphen, no 'e'.

I am named after two of my female ancestors. Tending to people and planet is part of the legacy they passed on to me.

Justice and drawing inspiration for the world around us and our ancestors has always been important to me. Deep care for myself was something I had to learn. I've been a leader in 'international development' spaces for 20 years and a Coach and Facilitator for almost a decade. I also love writing, dance and lately also learning about plants and I bring these things into my practice to support you as well.

I help people lead change towards justice without sacrificing their wellbeing and I believe that the ability to adapt and be with transformational change will become increasing important in the years to come as our planet changes. I am deeply committed to welcoming change and adaptation and I want to share that through my work.

My approach focuses on learning from and connecting with nature (including our own bodies) and a trauma-informed approach to unblocking unhelpful patterns which I have learnt in my Shadow Work training & practice.

“Mary Ann’s inspiring vision of resilient leadership and practical support on how to make it real have enabled me to step up to a more senior role confident that I can do it without running myself or my team into the ground by feeling we have to do it all “ Harriet Wallace

Harriet 2011

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I will write too about why caring for ourselves and one another is the foundation for resistance and effective change-making and an essential life practice for building a more just world.

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You can also hear me on the Change Making Women, the podcast I co-hosted with Ziada Abeid my friend and colleague based in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

On the show we talk to women what motivates and challenges them and how they take care of themselves while trying to make the world a better place.