How do we create change in the world without harming ourselves or others in the process?


I’m Mary Ann Clements, a feminist author, facilitator, activist & coach and have worked for two decades in so-called 'International Development'. I help people embody the change they want to see in the world so they can live it into being.

My work combines analysis, reflection and holding space for new and unusual conversations with a body-based and trauma-informed approach.

I offer coaching that accompanies leaders through uncertain times, helping them embody the change they want to lead in their organisations and plan to offer a group programme coming in 2023. Join my mailing list if you want to make sure you hear about that.

I am also the creator of Healing Solidarity, a project I now Co-lead and Co-Author of Red Tents: Unravelling Our Past and Weaving a Shared Future. You can order your copy here now.

You can find links to access resources that I have created including the Healing Solidarity Online Conferences and the podcast, I co-host, Change Making Women here.

New ways to be in solidarity globally are possible and my work is about making a contribution to living them into being through the support I offer. I’d love to share it with you.

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I will write too about why caring for ourselves and one another is the foundation for resistance and effective change-making and an essential life practice for building a more just world.

From time to time I’ll also tell you about services and events that I'm offering.

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You can also hear me on the Change Making Women, the podcast I co-host with Ziada Abeid my friend and colleagues based in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

On the show we talk to women what motivates and challenges them and how they take care of themselves while trying to make the world a better place.