Centering Care (1)

Centering Care: a six week self-paced mini-course on resisting burnout and building cultures of care 


I have built this resource for you based on my learning from experiencing burnout myself, and working with others through it, as well as an anthropologist, facilitator & coach. I am sharing it now because I believe that we need to build the skills and practices for the world we want to see, through this pandemic and hopefully, beyond it.

Resisting burnout and practising care is about bringing the world you long for here in your daily life even as you imagine it becoming possible, and it's also about noticing and gently transforming the parts of you that get in the way, that cling to getting back to 'normal' and sabotage the impulse to care for yourself and others.

This is healing work in which you will be invited to liberate yourself from your own impulse towards burnout and to join up the dots between that personal experience and cultures that are built on exhaustion and oppression. We will get into the role of capitalism, patriarchy, racism and white supremacy as well as how you may be resisting caring for yourself and those around you. I believe that it's all connected.

Over six weeks, you'll explore:

  • The Burnout Impulse
  • Imagining a world that centres care rather than growth and exhaustion
  • Relational & collective practices of care that don't just focus on individuals
  • The difference between exhausting yourself helping 'everyone' and building a culture of care
  • Resisting the parts of you that sabotage care in yourself and others
  • Building practices central to playing a right-sized role in change at this time.

We are all steeped, to some extent in the practices of a world that lead us here, that sees us as expendable, that burn us out and exhausts us, that exploits and oppresses. The time is now to build practices for a world that centres care, a world that could look really different.


Delivery & format: The original course ran for six weeks in June and July 2020 but now that it is complete you will get access to the full course of six workbooks as soon as you purchase. Each workbook includes some reading and accompanying journaling questions and suggestions.

Send as a Gift? If you'd like to gift this to someone you can purchase it and then forward them to details. Each payment gives access for one person.


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