My work is all about Impact + Wellbeing

I believe that collective well-being and personal self-care is the pre-condition of humane and just leadership.

Creating change and lasting impact requires that we sustain ourselves in our workplaces and in our lives.

I support individuals and organisations striving to make an impact in building the value and practice of wellbeing and self-care into their workplaces, careers and lives.

Because I know that chronic exhaustion is neither humane, just nor generous.

We cannot make an impact when we are burned out and exhausted.

And chronic exhaustion is the collective condition of change-making professionals.

Chronic exhaustion and burnout is the norm in our non-governmental organisations (NGOs) -- and that’s a cruel paradox because these are the very organisations devoted to creating more humanity and justice in the world.

The context of chronic exhaustion in our NGOs undermines our mission and our very ability to do the work we’ve committed to.

(A burned out workforce is never the most productive it could be.)

I work with people and organisations who have a dream that’s bigger than themselves, and who want to make the process for achieving it as humane and just as the ideals they have for the world they’re trying to create.

So that means organisations and individuals -- all of us! -- need to develop and practice the skills of self-care and humane and just leadership.

We need to build them into our workplace and our culture.

This is how I work with my clients to counteract the destructive outcomes of over-giving and burnout in our organisations and careers -- and especially in our NGOs.

  • I do that organisationally, with trainings and workshops for employees and senior leadership that help your organisation prevent burnout, eradicate chronic exhaustion, and cultivate and practice the skills of humane and just leadership.
  • I do that individually and in small groups with our coaching and group programmes. Both the coaching and the group program help you develop the self-care skills you need to sustain yourself in your career and your life.
  • I do that communally, by facilitating, The Replenishment Room, a dedicated online community which with help you build the habit of caring for yourself alongside like-minded others committed to their visions and wanting to care for themselves in the process.

Below you can Meet the women who work with me

Together, we are working to create workplace cultures, non-profits and yes, a world in which self-care and sustainability are the pre-conditions of humane and just leadership.

Is this your mission too?

Let’s work together