Make a difference in 2017: A practical guide to finding your vision, taking action and sustaining your impact in the coming year

We've created this guide to support you to get clear about the difference that you want to make in 2017. It includes writing prompts and exercises designed to help you:

- identify a change making focus for you to hold for yourself the coming year

- support you to put in place a pledge for yourself about how you will stay ‘filled up’ and well resourced for the Change Making working that you are longing to do

- work with cycle planning to help you ensure that you are able to set intentions, take action and then rest and reflect before planning your next steps.

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Writing is probably my first love. Since I was pretty small I’ve loved noting down my ideas on little pieces of paper. As an adult I have found that writing out my thoughts and ideas helps galvanise me towards action and guide me through reflection.

I have created this guide, with the help of the team at Jijaze, to help you use writing for yourself and to ask yourself questions about the difference that you want to make in 2017, help you to identify one thing that you most want to take action on and build a plan which will support you to make sure you continue to reflect and learn, connect with others and replenish yourself through the year as you take concrete action towards the change that you want to see in the world. In the final section I also offer you a structure to plan your time so that it includes not just action but time for learning, rest and reflection because I believe that they are critical components of cycles of effective action that don’t deplete us so much that we struggle to act again when we want and need to.

The journaling and writing prompts which are part of what we offer at Jijaze aren’t an alternative to concrete action, and they aren’t an end in themselves. For me they are part of the process that leads to me making - or contributing to making, real change happen. The questions and prompts offered to you in this guide are part of my intention setting and my reflection. When I ask myself questions and write down my answers I get clearer about what matters for me and what is next. Sometimes as I write things I hadn’t thought of come to me and the next steps become more obvious. I invite you to this too as you think about the difference you want to make in 2017.

Mary Ann Clements, Founder of Jijaze